Obedience I & II

Private in home training one by one


  • The best age for obedience-I is four to six months old.
  • Dog is trained on basic commands like:come, sit stay,down stay,with me(the dog is 2-4 ft radious around the handler) not to pull on the leash,  housebreaking, chewing, not to jump on people, get in the car, no (leave what is in dog’s mouth),go to bed, and barking.


  • Best age for obedience-II is five to twelve months old.
  • Older dogs can attend obedience-II, but need to be evaluated by the trainer first.
  • Dog is trained on all basic commands included in obedience-I, plus: heel (when walking, biking, running), sit and stay, down and stay, stay commands with added distractions (like balls, other dogs, toys,)down in motion(as the dog walking or running does down),go to your bed or crate(the dog has to stay there until the owner releash him)
  • To cope with:
    • agression issues towards people, kids, cats e.t.c
    • anxiety
  • Completely off leash control


  • Obedience-II can be selected without taking obedience-I. Obedience-II includes all of Obedience-I training. It’s the best training for a dog.
  • Upon completion of training, the dog will follow commands by all family members.
  • Best if lessons are done twice a week (assuming availability of trainer and handler), with homework assigned to Owner/Handler