Training tips

  • On the "come" command, wait until the dog comes to you but praise him highly as he is coming.It’s wrong for you to go to your dog.
  • To train a dog for housebreaking, take them for walks on a regular basis and never become angry with the dog if you see them relieving themselves inside the house. Instead use a pleasant tone voice and take him outside.Have him on the leash so won`t be able to run around the house and if you can`t be focus put him in the crate The best is to write down the time that my dog does his business so we should know his schedule 
  • If we want our dog to drop something that they have in their mouth and they do not, we bring them close to us and put a treat near their nose, and only after the dog drops what is in their mouth do we give them the treat.Usually that works better with puppies 10-18 weeks.With older dogs maybe we ll have the opposite results because we don`t want to reward this behavior especially if the dog starts show us aggression