The items and ideas listed below are the trainer’s ideas and beliefs as to what training should include and how training should be conducted:

  • Teach the dog owner how to enter the dog’s mind.
  • Teach the owner to communicate with the dog.
  • The brain of the dog has 2 sides; logic and pleasure.. We must bring the two sides together.
  • Sometimes a dog can feel down, similar to how we feel ourselves sometimes. There is nothing wrong with the dog.  We must not push the dog to behave its usual way at those times.
  • The best training is when the owner is present and involved with the handling of the dog.
  • It is best to consult a trainer before buying a dog.  A trainer can suggest the proper dog for the owner/family.
  • A crucial piece of successful dog training is to also train the owner. A major part of a dog’s training success is based on the Owner/Handler.
  • The trainer teaches the owner how to become the pack leader and the best possible handler.