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Patricia Pirone-Rice Andover Ma
2019-09-28 17:43:21
Chris trained my 5 pound toy poodle puppy (and also trained me how to work with my dog). My dog has a sweet temperament, but needed to learn not to tug on the leash during walks and to come when called. Our problem was when our dog was outside off leash, he would run away and not come back when we called him. Chris taught my dog the command to walk "with me" close by when off leash, and also to come immediately when called. Chris was simultaneously strict, kind and warm with my dog. My dog knew Chris meant business when he walked in the house to start a training session. I highly recommend Chris!
Peter Vandegraaf N Andover Ma
2019-10-17 05:14:38
Chris did a fantastic job by transforming our exuberant 8 month old Lab puppy into a calmer, obedient dog that is so much easier to control and now can hang with us via the "down" command. He has a torn ACL awaiting surgery so we needed to get him to be able to "heel" on command and stop pulling and jumping on the leash. Chris is a skilled and very knowledgeable dog trainer that worked some serious magic for us. We highly recommend his services! Thank you Chris!
Cassidy Geisler Methuen Ma
2019-09-28 04:17:19
Chris Park K9, the most reliable, dedicated and compassionate dog trainer. Chris changed our lives in many ways but one of the key components to his training is his communication and motivation to teach the dogs as well as the owner. Chris worked with our 8 month old puppy who is a mix of "high energy breeds"; husky, boarder collie, Australian cattle dog, and more. Prior to Chris, our dog was practicing "puppy like behavior" but as she exceeded 55 pounds at 8 months old, it was very difficult to manage. Chris treated her as his own as he worked with her for 2 weeks. Our lives have dramatically changed and we are so lucky to have found Chris. He goes above and beyond for his clients, answering any and all questions before, during and after the training. He is very resourceful and his experience speaks for itself. I would recommend Chris Park K9 because of his extensive knowledge and his ability to connect with dogs in order to ensure a life full of love and freedom for both the dog and the owner. We look forward to working with Chris in the future
Kristina Wright Tewksbury Ma
2019-07-10 06:47:18
Chris is a fantastic Dog Trainer and a pleasure to work with. I was concerned that my 6 year old English Bulldog would have trouble transitioning from house life with a big backyard to apartment/leash life. I thought she might be aggressive and that she would hate being on a leash...I was wrong! I quickly realized that it was me that was worrying for no reason and that I was the one that needed the training! Chris gave me the tools I needed to get her on the right path to loving her leash. In just a few lessons, she was a completely different dog, and she loves her new apartment and her leash! I can`t thank Chris enough!!!
Cody Gamache Peabody Ma
2019-07-10 06:49:19
Couldn’t have asked for a better guy/trainer to work with. He has a flexible schedule and there is no denying his training abilities. My 8 month old puppy has gone from not being allowed to friends and family houses to being a welcomed guest wherever we go.
Sheree and Ray Zizik Gloucester Ma
2019-06-27 22:58:01
Beau is our 6-month-old Black Labrador Retriever. He is a great puppy with a gentle disposition and eagerness to learn and please. His overall behavior was excellent, but we needed help regarding pulling on leash, walking off leach, and most importantly coming when called. Beau currently weighs about 70 pounds but will grow to be a large dog at over 100 pounds, so being in control and responsiveness is key for future handling. A month ago, we contacted dog trainer Chris Park based on a friend’s recommendation who used Chris to train their two Labs. Chris met with us at our home, evaluated Beau, and discussed our goals for Beau and training options. We decided to send Beau to Chris to do two weeks of boarding training. Although we missed Beau very much, we thought the intense program would be more efficient and have greater impact for us. Chris kept us abreast of Beau’s progress along the way. Well, when Beau returned home, we were amazed at how well trained and disciplined he was in following various commands. Beau was able to follow many commands, and most impressively was able to follow commands while in public places without being distracted by people and other dogs. Chris then emphasized the importance of training the owner and spent follow up at-home visits with us to instruct and participate in conveying and cementing Beau’s abilities to our daily living. We highly recommend Chris given his experience, expertise, passion and dedication to personally taking responsibility for the success of properly and effectively training our dog. I’m sure he’ll do the same for yours!
Edward Busahnell Lawrence Ma
2019-06-25 17:50:35
Chris took my year old Boxer pup Bonnie, who was a jumper she would leap the fence run into the street and disappear at all hours would ignore all commands except sit she wasn`t much fun Chris took her for 2 weeks of training a brought me back a totally different pup she such a pleasure now I can`t believe the change in her it`s unbelievable what Chris accomplished in such a short period of time I would recommend Chris to anyone struggling with their pet
Rachel Taylor Tweksbury Ma
2019-06-25 17:56:13
I can not say enough good things about Chris and his work! He completely changed my life and my relationship with my 11 month old German Shepherd, Benson. Before training, Benson would only listen to basic commands when HE felt like it. Although he’s a friendly and happy puppy, he’s BIG and full of crazy energy! He would jump up on visitors and loved to run around the house and jump on all the furniture. I couldn’t take him outside in the backyard without a leash because he would take off on me, but when I did take him out on the leash he would pull and practically drag me down the stairs. I was stressed out and felt a little worried for my future with my dog. I had no control and he was only going to get bigger and more difficult to handle. Vanessa, a friend of mine, swore by Chris and after reading 5 star after 5 star review, I knew he had to be a match for us. Chris is incredibly patient and kind. His ability to connect and communicate with dogs is something I have never seen before. He assured me that during the boarding training he would send me updates/videos of Benson’s progress and also would not return him until he was totally satisfied with the results. I couldn’t be more impressed that after two weeks Chris was able to correct all of Benson’s behaviors and bad manners that I was concerned about...and more importantly, taught ME how to communicate with my dog properly and effectively. Now, I don’t feel restricted with Benson. He is obedient and totally focused on me. I am able to walk him with and without the leash at home and in public. I can take him around big groups of people and he won’t let his excitement get the best of him. He still has his same silly personality that I love and high energy, but is now completely controllable. We have so much fun practicing the commands and have such a better bond than we did before the training. This was by far the best investment I have ever made. I’m so happy and grateful to have met Chris and can still rely on him for advice. Thanks so much Chris..I’m still so impressed!
Pete DiVincenzo Andover Ma
2019-06-22 05:03:48
The training that Chris provided our German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) was absolutely invaluable. We boarded our GSP with Chris, a few weeks later he returned with our fun-loving yet obedient family dog. Chris took the time to educate our family on how communicate with the dog. We also have an older less active dog; the time that our GSP spent with Chris really changed the interaction between our two dogs. With Chris our GSP had socialized with other dogs and we were reaping the benefits. The impact on our family has been incredible. The activities we do with our GSP are totally enjoyable and Chris has given us the knowledge and confidence to bring our dog anywhere. I could not recommend Chris more highly.
Stephanie Bradford Ma
2019-06-15 16:49:44
I cannot say how much I appreciate the help Chris has provided for me and my pup Bruno. Not only does he train your dog but he also takes his time training you as well which I can`t say about many dog trainers. He puts in the time and effort to make sure he answers all your questions and concerns and doesn`t stop until he sees the results that are up to his standards completely. I think the main reason Chris is amazing at what he does is because he understands that each dog and owner is unique and he customizes his program to fit each individual`s need. The passion and love he has for dogs and what he does is unmatched. Thanks so much for everything you`ve done for us Chris!
Susan Fabbri Andover Ma
2019-06-13 22:34:44
I contacted Chris in April because I have 3 dogs who I love dearly but were driving me crazy! A 4 year old Yorkie Poo, a 1 year old Maltese and a 9 month old Vizsla! Chris came to my home and immediately connected with all 3 dogs. The next day he took the Yorkie Poo & Vizsla for boarding and training. For the two and three weeks that they were gone, Chris kept me up to date on their progress and sent me videos of them! When he brought them home I couldn’t believe the change! He then took my Maltese for 3 weeks and wow what a difference! Chris also taught me how to continue training the dogs and showing me how to be a happy dog mom! I am so very happy I found Chris and I would never have imagined I could have three dogs, all very different, walking and playing outside off leash and actually listening to me and my commands!! Chris is the real deal and knows his dogs-all dogs, all shapes, sizes and personalities!!! He is amazing, don’t hesitate to contact him!!
Linda Traub Andover Ma
2019-06-03 18:48:14
I really can`t say enough about Chris. Chris came to train my 8 month old German Shepherd puppy Zephyr but really ended up training me! He had Zephyr listening and following commands in no time. The real work was getting me to break bad habits, to understand my dog and getting Zephyr to listen to me. Chris has a tremendous amount of patience! He took the time to explain and demonstrate to me what I needed to do and how to do it. Because of Chris, Zephyr is able to walk off leash, follow commands (sit, down, with me, come here and heel) to listen and focus on me! You know that training is not just a job to him, he loves what he does! Chris is a fantastic trainer and an overall great guy. If you are looking for a canine trainer that listens to both you and your dog then you should definitely call Chris Park!
Jim & Audra Wakefield Ma
2019-05-10 16:41:16
Chris is an amazing and knowledgeable Canine Trainer. We have an Australian Cattle Dog who was having some behavioral issues. Chris took Max for a 2 Week Board & Train and when Max returned, he was a whole new dog. Max listen and obeyed on command, not only to us, but to other family members as well. Chris not only trained Max, but he also taught us a lot about dogs and being consistent with them. Chris’s training was the best investment ever. We now have a German Shepherd puppy and as soon as she is old enough, she will be attending the same training. Thank You, Chris
Gabrielle Cappello Andover Ma
2019-04-10 02:13:51
Chris was awesome! My dog, Maverick had an issue with eating rocks and just overall needed some obedience training. Chris taught Maverick how to go off leash as well as not eat rocks! Maverick can be free without having to worry that he will run off and I will have to chase him. Life overall for Maverick is much better as he understands how to be free and be a dog, but to understand that rocks are bad and to not run away. I highly recommend Chris to train your dog. Chris is extremely experienced and knows what he is doing. Chris is super friendly, family oriented and personable.Thanks Chris for everything!
Ken and Sierra Tewksbury Ma
2019-04-11 01:37:16
Chris helped us train our dog Mijo to listen to commands off leash. He is an athletic dog but since we live in an apartment we needed to make sure he would come back to us or stay close when exploring. Now we can walk him worry free knowing he will listen to us. We definitely recommend Chris to anyone looking for training!
Michelle Roche N. Andover
2019-04-09 06:55:32
Before Chris, our Oliver was ruling the house. He was a destructive chewer, challenging walker, showed aggression towards strangers (particularly men), a nipper and generally seemed to enjoy causing trouble in our home. He had taken weekly obedience classes, however, those were unsuccessful at correcting these issues. Oliver spent 2 weeks with Chris. Upon returning home, he was the same happy, lovable dog, only better! His challenging behaviors were gone and he knew how to behave. Chris spent time teaching all of us how to effectively communicate with Oliver. Thanks to Chris, Oliver is now a perfect, enjoyable member of our family! Thank you Chris, you are amazing!
Scott Keller,Methuen Ma
2019-04-09 23:40:15
After reading the reviews left before me when I was searching for a dog trainer, I saw Chris has a perfect rating. I couldn’t believe this. But after weeks with our rescue, Chris’s professionalism and knowledge of dog behavior is off the charts. Our dog was extremely shy and he constantly pulled while taking him for a walk. After just two session, our dog was already executing commands he had just learned. Now after many weeks, we can walk him off leash with ease. I am so glad we met Chris. I can’t express enough how glad you will be if you decide to hire him
Chris McCafferty
2019-04-02 19:44:45
Nelson: 6 Month American Eskimo (Boarding School) Before Training: Nelson was biting, not listening to anything, tearing stuff up, going to bathroom wherever he wanted, bullying the older dogs in the house...completely dominating and taking advantage of my girlfriend Vanessa. Who is Chris Park you ask? For us, he was a dog training mastermind, a caring and loving teacher, a friend, and an inspiration. No words can truly express the experience we had with Chris as our trainer. Sending Nelson to dog "boarding school" for three weeks has changed our lives for the better and we do not have the slightest regret. When we found Chris online and decided to schedule an evaluation, we had no idea what was to come next. From the moment Chris stepped into the house, he was already communicating with Nelson just with his body actions. He was able to identify the help needed with our dog just by watching us interact with him. Vanessa was hesitant to try new training methods that Chris introduced to us, because she never used these techniques with her dogs growing up. Chris was able to reassure Vanessa that this wasn’t his first rodeo, and the many dogs that came before Nelson have left his training a completely new dog (while having fun during the process). Chris would share videos and pictures with us frequently throughout the week, and we couldn’t believe how quickly Nelson was learning. Not only does training benefit the owners of the dog, it benefits the dog. The boarding session gave Nelson the opportunity to interact with other well behaved dogs and learn to love strangers who eventually became his friends. This review could go on and on about how great Chris is and how happy we are with the results but you won’t truly not know unless you try. If you’ve been spending weeks reading reviews online trying to find the best trainer for your dog like we did, wondering if your dog is too small, aggressive, shy, etc. for Chris to handle, stop now and give Chris a call. Your dog and Chris are already qualified, but it is YOU as the trainer that must give your dog the tools and consistent practice to allow him to be the best he can be. Chris, Vanessa, Nelson
Laura Cambridge Ma
2019-02-19 05:54:02
Chris did wonders with our dog and we highly recommend working with him (especially if you have tried and failed with other trainers!). We reached out to Chris after our dog started exhibiting some unwelcome behaviors toward other dogs and humans. We did the board and train, and the results are astounding. In a time span of only 4 weeks, he helped us accomplish what previous dog trainers had not been able to help us with. Thanks to Chris, our dog has regained his confidence around other dogs and people, and we can trust him again to be well-behaved. Even better, we can now walk with him off-leash, even in areas with many distractions, such as hiking trails with other dogs and wildlife around. This was our dream, and we always felt it was completely unattainable – not anymore! Working with Chris and learning from him has also been a great experience for us humans. He is very clear in his instructions, celebrates the training successes and gives the humans the opportunity to see what their dogs are capable of with proper training and guidance from their handlers. Whether you’re looking for a dog trainer to help you train basic commands, make your dog more reliable with these commands, or work through complex behavioral issues, we highly recommend Chris.
Brenda Krafft N Andover Ma
2019-01-29 05:26:23
My wife and I can`t say enough good things about Chris. His reputation precedes him and the instant results he achieves are worth every moment and every penny spent. From the very first visit we knew that both, our Doxy mix, Pippa, and we had found the best professional trainer available. Within the first hour, Pippa was following all of Chris` commands, doing things for him that we could not get her to do no matter how many unsuccessful ways we had tried. At 14 months, with a lot of pup left in her, she was nipping at everyone, running after squirrels, birds, other dogs, and the many other distractions the outdoor offers. She was also pulling and biting her leash relentlessly, make it an unpleasant experience taking her for a walk. Chris taught us to be better pet owners and trained us to train Pippa, providing us with many future years of pleasurable walks and a happy household. Pippa can now run freely around the yard, without leash or fence of any kind, and is a pleasure to take for walks. She has stopped nipping at us when she plays, so we play with her more often, and during bedtime with the kids she now sits quietly and snuggles instead of running all over and causing chaos.
Vanessa Chantalle Tewksbury ma
2019-03-15 16:11:41
Chris Park There are no words and not enough “efcharistos” (thank yous)! 🥂You are a good friggin dog trainer.. one of the best out there! Although it was not easy to hand over Nelson to you for nearly a month, we do not regret it a bit. Not only did you transform our little sneaky puppy into the perfect obedient dog everyone wishes to have, you trained me and Chris too. With your coaching and training expertise, we were able to accomplish everything we wished to achieve. You gave us the tools to communicate effectively with our dog and it has changed the quality of all our lives. We will forever be grateful for your hard work. I know Nelson will miss you and your family. If you or anyone is looking for an effective dog trainer who genuinely wants to help you and your pup and wont stop until he sees results that meet his standards —please contact Chris!
Beverly Romano Haverhill Ma
2019-01-17 03:38:05
Omg... the difference between two different trainers, hes the top of all we went through. My pitbull was board and trained and came home very different from what he was. He got the basic thing about behavior. However, there were concerns that needed to be addressed and I did some soul searching for a very long time about my pittie. I decided to take another Avenue and I found Chris. We had an interview with him and on his first interview with ivory, we would know if he could be better or fixed. Well it`s only been 3 going on 4 and a complete different dog. First he looked at my dog, then he watched me. It was my husband and I doing everything wrong. He trained us to train ivory. Please consider this kind and well educated trainor to have a successful relationship with your dog or dogs. This guy is amazing and half the costs of what was recently paid out. I`m not saying that he didn`t have good training before we met Chris, I`m saying we were not trained with ivory and with all his years of experience, so glad I made the best choice. Thank you Chris, you saved Ivory
Sasha Seed N Andover Ma
2019-01-15 17:04:23
Our St. Bernard puppy, Bismarck, was stubborn. He resisted walking on a leash and did not respond to recall. Chris taught us all how to change this and so much more. His training is impeccable and really works. We learned so much from him and highly recommend him to all. Thank you Chris!
Jess Banks Andover Ma
2019-01-12 08:13:31
My boyfriend and I hired Chris to work with our six month old boxer/lab mix, Celia, and he was amazing! She went from a destructive, rambunctious dog with no manners to a sweet, playful girl. He helped us to set boundaries with her and taught her many commands such as sit and lie down. We are now even able to take her off leash! Chris is a really fun, down to earth guy. He will not only train your dog, but will teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog. We definitely recommend him
Sean Merrigan N Andover Ma
2019-01-12 08:14:59
Chris was recommended to us by Dawg City in North Andover. During the initial consultation, Chris quickly reassured us that he has successfully trained many dogs and Olivia’s issues would be resolved. Olivia would bark, lunge at visitors upon entering our home, not listen to basic obedience commands, and would pull during walks. We are truly amazed. If it weren’t for Chris we would have dealt with bad behavior for many more years. We can now communicate with Olivia and she is so well behaved. ABSOLUTELY LIFE CHANGING. We highly recommend Chris Park for your training needs.
Amy McCarron N Andover Ma
2019-01-12 08:17:00
In July of 2018 we adopted an 8 week old adorable mini whoodle. We started working with Chris in November, when Lola was 6 months old, for some basic training. After just one visit, Lola was already transformed in leash walking and we were hooked. Chris is definitely a dog whisperer and has a gift for training. He is able to read animals and, more importantly, their humans. Chris worked with us for the past 2 months and Lola is now getting compliments whenever we take her out to walk or when we take her shopping. People cannot believe how well trained she is and when they ask how old and we tell them 8 months, they are even more amazed. We would highly recommend Chris to anyone for training, whether it is leash walking, simple obedience or behavior issues! Thank you, Chris!
Anthony Zizza Saugus Ma
2019-01-02 06:59:19
Well, what can I say about Chris Park? Words seem inadequate to describe the miracles he performs with our beloved dogs, but, more importantly, how he trains our families! From our 3 year old daughter to the family’s 70 year old grandparents, Chris was able to teach our Nero how to obey commands, play, stop puppy biting, do his business outside, walk off leash and so much more! Thank you Chris! Anyone getting a dog or having issues with their dog NEED to call Chris Park! He will solve your problems and make you dog a perfect member for your family!
Amanda Leslie N Andover Ma
2018-12-25 07:15:35
Thank you for everything you did for Roxie! The board and train was fantastic! We had a lot to learn in regards to being consistent with Roxie. You guided us and we’re still doing everything you taught us! You’re a dog whisperer, Chris Park!
Mark Manzi Methuen Ma
2018-12-20 04:53:09
Chris Park’s approach to dog training had much to do about training the dog owner on how to use the tools and techniques necessary for the dog to understand important commands. There were so many conflicting schools of thought out there. Chris brought about a clear path to a happy well trained dog using effective methods and bringing his personal knowledge and energy to the process. I believe that his love and respect for dogs was an understanding that my dog grasped immediately. It allowed us to develop a stronger bond with our dog since we now know a lot more about how she thinks
Marissa Maranian Wilmington Ma
2018-12-01 06:01:45
Chris is the real deal! He’s by far the best trainer we’ve hired for our two Rottweilers and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve hired other dog trainers in the past who were very strict and treated the dogs as if they were working animals, not pets. Chris trains working dogs, but also understands everyone’s needs are different and takes a unique approach with every dog to get the results you want. He has a special connection with dogs and is able to make it fun for the dogs but also productive and effective. We are now able to have our full grown Rottweilers off leash in a public place and not have to worry (Not that we do that often, but if a leash pops off there’s no stress of wondering what the dog will do)! Can’t say enough about it him. He’s reliable, kind and very reasonably priced!
James Oliveira Melrose Ma
2018-11-27 07:04:28
Chris is an excellent trainer! He started training my Great Dane when the dog was a puppy and I was surprised by how quickly my dog learned commands from Chris. Because Danes are such big dogs, I knew from the start that I would need to find the best trainer around, and Chris definitely delivered. Thanks Chris!
Sarah Steinhoff Derry NH
2018-11-12 23:46:15
We contacted Chris after my 9 month old boxador underwent 2 surgeries and almost died. (He ate a sock, they had to retrieve it and unfortunately the sutures in his bowel let loose nearly killing him. He had to have emergency surgery to clean him out, re-suture and remove a foot of his bowel. The vet told us he has pica and it is very hard to get animals with this to stop eating household objects. (socks, toys, cords, etc.) Not only did Chris help us to stop him with those bad habits, he also helped with the occasional fighting between him and my 6 year old Catahoula/beagle mix. What was once a stressful, chaotic household is now a fulfilling, happy one. We can now walk on the trail by my house with barely holding the leash. Worth every penny! Thank you so much!
Betsey N Andover
2018-11-11 01:26:29
I have a German Shepherd puppy, Zara, now eight months, and have been working with Chris for several months now. Initially, I contacted him to help with puppy biting after a previous trainer failed to produce results. The biting and mouthing was so bad that I was unsure if I could keep her. Chris corrected the biting, took her for board and train, and now we are working on further obedience. Though loving and sweet, Zara is high drive and high energy, being from the old East German working line. Chris has transformed her into a calm, civilized, well mannered, and trustworthy companion, both at home and in public. My dog absolutely loves him too! I continue to be impressed with Chris`s qualifications and skills as a dog trainer. He has a true understanding of dog behavior and produces significant results while treating my dog with love and respect. I look forward to working with Chris throughout my dog`s life to address any training needs that arise
Meryl Sousa N Andover, Ma
2018-10-27 05:20:47
I cannot say enough about Chris. I mean that! I watched in awe, as Chris worked miracles with my two German Shepherds. They were litter-mates,and only four or five months old at the time we all began. I was convinced this would be nearly impossible. How does one train, not one, but TWO GSD puppies at the SAME time? Other’s told us that they would need to be trained separately, but not Chris! He also had what may have been an even bigger challenge, training my husband and I, so that we would be able to practice when Chris was not around. We did, which was VERY important! Chris is tough, but incredibly kind and loving to the dogs. We adore and cannot recommend this gifted man enough. My dogs knew that when Chris arrived, hard work was coming, yet they ran to him with excitement, and lots of kisses. If you have any doubt, watch the video posted of Tusca and Kaiser’s graduation day, on Chris’sFacebook page(Chris Park K9). It’s miraculous. I’m still in awe. Thank you Chris Park. We will ALL miss you!
Vasilios Patrinos Malden Ma
2018-10-11 05:56:17
I was going away for couple weeks so I decided to send Rhea, my 7 month old Doberman, to Chris for board and train rather than putting her in a kennel where she would sit alone most of the day. Rhea was becoming a bit more rambunctious an uncontrollable as she was getting more comfortable in her bigger body. It’s like she was developing selective hearing LOL. Outside, she started barking at everyone and chasing down bikers and runners. We do a lot of off leash trail running so it was becoming a big problem. Inside, she was getting into everything and knew few boundaries. Chris was great!! He not only teaches the dog but the owner too. In less than 3 weeks, Rhea came back a whole new dog and I now have a better understanding of how my dog thinks. She knew all her basic commands plus some. Rhea is so on point now!! There`s a lot more structure in both of our lives and a greater a peace of mind too. I couldn`t have asked for a better experience!! I recommend Chris to everyone I see at the dog park...he`s that good!! Thanks Chris!!
Peter Tyrrell,Andover Ma
2018-08-23 07:01:18
Chris did an amazing job with our puppy, couldn’t be happier with how he behaves now!
Chinku Mahindra ,Winchester,Ma
2018-07-19 02:35:09
Jayne from Dawg city recommended Chris to me .. he returned my call the same day! We met a few days later for our initial consult! Lola my King Charles cavalier started her training a few days later! Chris was fantastic .. we had a few bumps along the way but they were my mistake from not listening to Chris and doing things my way! Today I agree with everything he has taught me .. and will never argue with him when it comes to training my puppy!! Lola passed with flying colors this morning and I am thrilled to have a well behaved little girl thanks to Chris! Thank u thank u!
Lianne & Sean
2018-07-17 00:29:07
We were so close to giving up our adopted puppy up due to the issues we were having with her. We hired someone else with no progress. Chris literally saved Josie. In only 4 sessions, he was able to train her, at my house, with my 3 kids running around and she is now so perfect! I can’t thank Chris enough for helping us with our Josie!
Scott Trach,Wilmington,Ma
2018-07-10 08:14:53
My family and I had a great experience with Chris. We learned to think like the trainer and saw amazing results in Teddy (6 month old Bullmastiff) in a few short months. I highly recommend Chris for anyone who cares about their dog and is serious about getting results
Kayla Merola and Ryan Trulli,Tewksbery Ma
2018-06-24 01:35:11
We found Chris while browsing online for a trainer and saw all the amazing reviews he had. Our border collie Otto has had agression issues with other Dogs and also with kids (which was so nerve racking because of the amount of kids that live in our neighborhood) We were so worried that it was going to be impossible for us to fix this issue. As soon as Chris came to our house and helped us understand what we needed to do as dog owners we knew that everything would be okay! Otto has transformed into a more obediant and well behaved dog and we owe it all to Chris! He truly is amazing at what he does. Thank you so much Chris!
The Shue Family,Reading Ma
2018-06-14 04:49:28
Chris was recommended to us by Dawg City in N.Andover and we are so happy for it! Chris returned our call the same day and was quick to schedule our consultation. At our first meeting he was very patient, listened to the problems we were having with our 2.5 year old mixed breed rescue, and got to work immediately training all of us. He taught us how to communicate with our dog`s mind rather than just controlling her body. Our dog responded well to his training methods and is much happier and more confident. Chris` love of dogs and commitment to training good canine citizens is obvious. His sense of humor helps calm anxious owners. If you are open and willing to work hard, Chris` methods will work.
Kristin Tomaselli,Methuen Ma
2018-05-22 15:25:39
I adopted my Teddy and he had quite a few issues. I was honestly not sure the adoption would work. I met Chris and he met Teddy and I knew we were going to be ok! It was hard work and practice but Teddy is amazing!!! Chris trained as much as Teddy. He knew the breeds and temperament of Teddy and set expectations and put a plan in place. I cannot say enough about how amazing Chris is!
Павел Костюк,Middleton Ma
2018-05-03 11:29:16
Simply Superb! Our dog, Ellie, went from a crazy puppy we couldn’t bring in public to a well-mannered family member. The only thing that worked for her before we met Chris, were her good looks, but now she’s a delight to be around! No jumping, counter surfing, barking, stealing food off the table or eating out of the garbage – she has done it all and we were helpless. Chris trained Ellie in the most loving way and Ellie obeyed in return. Chris is always available to answer any questions and he left us with lots of tips on how to continue teaching Ellie to be even better. Thank you, Chris!!
Brittany Mahoney ,Andover Ma
2018-04-29 21:58:48
We recently adopted a 2.5 year old Beagle mix named Sebastian who we wanted Chris to help us train. We wanted to work on his pulling during walks, jumping on guests and knowing his one spot on the couch. Chris was able to train both of us as well as Sebastian on these 3 areas plus so much more! We learned how to properly communicate with our dog and it has made a world of difference. We loved Chris and so did our dog, his personality was so easy going and funny! We highly recommend him, he has so much experience and knowledge!
Dorrie Riley,Wakefield Ma
2018-03-12 02:51:09
I have a 2 year old Lab/Cocker Spaniel Mix, Charlie. We were having the typical problems with him, he was dragging me out for walks, barking at the sight of another dog and jumping on us and others. Chris came out to the house and we saw immediate changes. Chris is professional and respectful, yet he has a great sense of humor. I still hear him when I have to correct Charlie or when I don’t say “good boy” enough. Chris taught us that we have to change the way that Charlie thinks and the way that we do things, that was the best advice. I now take Charlie out for walks, he is a very polite dog to people and other dogs and I can even drop his leash and walk away (although I don’t go far). In my opinion there isn’t a better trainer!!
Keith Bishop,Tewksbery Ma
2018-02-09 21:06:17
I have a two year old Pit Bull / Boxer mix named Jade and I called Chris to give me advice on training. Chris was punctual, and worked with me on different techniques of training. I can now have my dog off leash and she comes to me when called, she knows how to heal, stay and lie down. Jade has been a wonderful addition to my family and I thank Chris for all his professionalism, love of animals and being very thorough with his training techniques. If you want a good trainer that will listen to your needs, work with you and your dog, then Chris is the man.
The Bonfanti Family,Andover Ma
2018-02-16 01:13:31
We recently had Chris train our dog, Balto. Our dog really responded to him and after his visits his bad habits disappeared. He also taught him a couple of tricks. We highly recommend Chris.
Nicole Wilson,Boxford Ma
2018-01-29 01:06:57
I hired Chris to help with my dogs; the last straw was the stealing of the rotisserie chicken out of my husband trunk, and eating it. After working with Chris, my dogs listen to me, I can walk them off leash and they behave much better around the house. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who needs assistance with their dogs behaviour issues. He is easy to work with Flexible in scheduling time and takes a genuine interest in teaching the dogs (and owners) how to react. My dogs appear to be much more relaxed and happy.
Kristen and Russell Stott N.Andover Ma
2018-01-11 00:27:14
We are very happy with the changes we have seen in our golden doodle after working with Chris. He provided us with the tools needed to train our dog and break some old bad habits. Thank you, Chris!
John Lagasse,N.Andover Ma
2017-11-07 14:59:41
Chris did a fantastic job with our new GSD puppy. He was able to show us how to effectively have the dog not go ballistic everytime it encountered meeting the cats. His techniques work very well. Thanks, Chris.
Mary Muir,Wakefield Ma
2017-10-21 19:13:54
Chris is a very gifted and experienced trainer...FYI ...he is in my opinion The best one around with all the qualifications and background make a real difference. I am so grateful I found him. He worked patiently and compassionately with my little Havanese puppy. He explained and demonstrated clearly what I need to do to make Mimi understand and respond to my commands consistently. In just three sessions I am now teaching her to think and understand and then choose to behave well . Thanks so much . He is Top rate professional!!
Bill Sanchez,N.Andover Ma
2017-10-17 00:57:38
Our dog Maggie is 2+ years old and has been very fearful and protective since she joined our family at 8 weeks old. Chris has done an incredible job at training us to train Maggie. Most recently, we had a lesson with Chris in Home Depot where we had Maggie lie down, we dropped the leash, and we went completely out of sight. Maggie remained lying down until we asked her to come. Maggie even jumped up on the rolling carts which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. We have witnessed incredible progress from when we started with Chris’s help. Chris “trains the trainers” and it is working for us. We can’t thank Chris enough and we highly recommend him for anyone that has a dog with issues.
Lisa McDonalds,Methuen Ma
2017-10-10 00:32:01
Chris was amazing! We hired a dog trainer previously that did not help us at all. We where desperate and then my friend referred Chris from using him in the past. He was very professional and calm-what I loved the most was that he trained us too on how to handle our dog! Thank you so much Chris. I highly recommend him!!!!
Scott Sica,Lynn Ma
2017-05-03 03:18:10
Had the pleasure to have Chris Park provide training sessions with me and my dog "Mykonos". Chris is brilliant with dogs and training us Humans as well! There are no bad dogs... just dog owners who need to learn Chris` proven techniques and the discipline to follow through with what he teaches. Chris Park should have his own TV show, perhaps some day! His connection with the dogs is amazing to experience and the results are incredible. I cannot recommend Chris enough. He will not waste your time or string you along for unnecessary training sessions.
Lisa Rich,Peabody Ma
2017-05-03 03:19:52
The best experience i have ever had. I took my dog to 2 other trainers got nothing!! Chris walked into my home and taught myself and my pup so much, His love, patience and professionalism is Amazing, I have nothing but respect for this man. He is the Real Deal!! I loved working with Him, I tell everyone about Chris. If you need training for your dog, Chris Park is truly the BEST!!!!!
Cheryl Raimondo,N.Andover Ma
2017-03-23 00:44:08
Our rescue pup, Skai, from Tennessee was 4 months old when our family went to pick her up. This was the first time our family owned a dog together and we were all on different pages, and had different ideas of what was best for “teaching” Skai. We tried an 8 week group training that just did not work for us and left Skai feeling over stimulated and frustrated. By the time December rolled around, we had a pup who thought she was in charge of the family! Fortunately, we met Chris Park and Cezar @ Dawg City and it was an instant match! Chris is the real deal. He is clearly an animal lover and teacher of animal behavior. In a few short sessions, we gained tremendous insight in how to “think like a dog.” Chris also had the patience and a sense of humor for our limited knowledge, the integrity to be honest about what he could and could not teach us, and extensive experience from years of training all breeds. Skai knew who was in charge when Chris walked in our door. With his help, we are much more confident in managing her behaviors inside the house and keeping her safe outside on our long walks in the woods. A small investment with tremendous pay off for our entire family. We highly recommend giving Chris a call for any help you may need with your dog. Wish we had walked into Dawg City and found Chris earlier!!
Courtney Hale,Andover Ma
2017-03-12 23:26:26
We asked Chris to come assess our 8 month old Black lab and after dedicating his time to us we left the "assessment" with more knowledge and practice skills than we could`ve dreamed. We then were so grateful to receive several weeks of individualized training in our own home and neighborhood, which allowed us to focus on specific needs and real-world activities that were critical to our training. Chris is a fantastic trainer, lover of dogs, and over great guy. Even though we had prior dog training knowledge, we quickly learned many of our behaviors and commands were only confusing our pup and adding to problematic habits. Chris took the time to explain to us and demonstrate how to consistently implement effective strategies. We are so happy with the result and would only recommend Chris moving forward. Once you meet him you will instantly recognize that his experience, knowledge, and skills are beyond any other! We thank him and Cezar for all their help with training Sonny!
Jack Bonomo,Methuen Ma
2017-02-24 00:04:25
Chris provided excellent and patient advice to us on the techniques necessary to achieve consistent results with training our new puppy and to break her of some bad habits she had gained over her first few months. His training worked!! We would highly recommend Chris.
Claudia Richards,N.Andover,Ma
2017-02-02 21:16:18
Chris was instrumental in helping us with our rescue puppy. He has a great approach and if you are fortunate enough to meet Caesar his dog, you`ll get two experts for the price of one
Jennifer Thomson,N.Andover,Ma
2017-01-26 23:54:15
Chris has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone his experience and command was obvious immediately. Both my dogs (Labradoodle and Bouvier) immediately took to Chris. Within just a month of training for my Bouvier pup at 7 months he understood I was alpha and wasn`t pushing boundaries. He helped to give my kids (6 & 7yo) more confidence to handle commands and know that even though the dog would be much bigger than them that he had to listen to them. We also got him to understand leash walking without pulling (heal, sit and down) outside which was very important to me
Lauren Lemack ,N.Andover,Ma
2017-01-22 18:39:44
No matter the breed, behavior, or size, look no further for a dog trainer! Chris Park is who you need to hire! I can not say enough wonderful things about the experience and knowledge he provided for me and my dog. Highly recommended and happy to endorse Chris for his professional service!👍🐾🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Eman Quabira,North Andover,Ma
2017-01-17 22:39:48
Chris is an amazing dog trainer! He`s dedicated and will help you anyway he possibly can. I highly recommend him
Doug and Michelle Legare,Haverhill Ma
2017-01-12 13:21:04
We were seriously at the end of the line with our 7-month old German Shepherd due to his aggressive behavior with visitors, as well as difficulty we had in controlling him as he grew, when a friend told us about Chris. After a single visit with Chris, we knew we had found the guy to help us. Chris made us understand how a dog thinks and their reasoning for behaviors, and ultimately, he trains you, not the dog! After 10 trainings, we literally have the most amazing dog. I am so unbelievably happy with the experience we had with Chris and can not recommend anyone more highly. Seriously, if you need a trainer, CALL HIM!
Diana D. N.Andover,Ma
2017-01-06 02:54:37
Chris is the right choice for your training needs! Chris is an awesome dog trainer as well as a friendly, kind, calm and great person. He has a world of knowledge and lots of patience! We have an 11 month old German Shepherd puppy with behavioral issues like growling, snapping, barking at and biting the vacuum, jumping up, barking at visitors, and barking/growling at other dogs. His techniques without using a prong or e-collar work. He is teaching my son, my daughter and me how to communicate, handle, and become great leaders to Zah. We have been working with Chris for about 1.5 months and what a difference in Zah today! Thank you so very much for everything you`re doing with us! I highly recommend Chris!
Lynne Allen,N.Andover,MA
2016-12-21 16:04:45
Let me start by saying I have had dogs all my life but never a trained dog. Recently, I adopted a Lab Rottie mix and it wasn`t long after adopting Bentley I realized just how big he is going to be. He was certainly giving me a run for my money and at a very young age. I knew I needed some training and being from North Andover I looked into a few different training facilities in the area and decided to go with one in town. On day one Bentley and I walked into class to no less than 30 dogs in this one training class. About a half hour into class I was asked to take Bentley to the comer where they gated us off from all the other dogs. They said it was due to his size but really I think they did not know how to handle a puppy his size. To make a long story short I stuck it out for 5 training sessions and I can honestly say I knew nothing more on day 5 than I did on day one. Finally I quit. A few months went by and Bentley grew larger and so did his dominant attitude. No doubt he was ruling the house and my frustration was growing - Bentley was nothing short of a Denise the menus until one day I was at the local pet store in North Andover and while Bentley was eating everything in sight, pulling me down the isle, barking, knocking everything over the owner introduced me to Chris. Chris took Bentley and Boy Bentley knew right away Chris was the Alpha. Chris was calm and my dog just knew. After speaking to Chris about my training needs I hired him to train my dog (so I thought). After 3 visits with Chris I realized its me who needs the training and not my dog. Chris helped me to understand that Bentley wants nothing more than for me to be the leader, for me to be the head of the house. My dog didn`t need any more love (as if that was possible) he needed me to step up and show him who is boss. He needed me to provide the guidance and show him the way. He needed me to show him the rules and finally he needed me to understand his wants and needs so I can truly take care of him. Remember, I said I had dogs all my life well now I am middle age and just now for the very first time I am learning the right way to raise and to love my dog thanks to Chris, Chris has helped me to understand what my dogs is asking of me and most important he is helping me to communicate with him instead of confusing him. No other trainer has come to my home to observe my and Bentleys behavior but Chris did and immediately knew what was needed. Chris is training me, the owner= how to handle and manage my dog. Chris has helped me to understand my dogs needs and how to be an assertive leader. Bentley is on his way to being the best companion yet and my frustration has dissipated, I honestly say he is happier than ever and so am I. I don`t know what I would do with out Bentley in my life and to think back a month at how frustrated I was. Chris thank you so much for all you have done. Your an amazing trainer with tons of knowledge and I was so luckily to meet you.. Thanks Jane for the introduction !!!
JAF RYAN,Tewksbury,MA
2016-12-18 16:43:44
★★★★★ Chris is THE most amazing dog trainer. After consulting with 2 different dog trainers and practicing the techniques and methods they taught, I was nearly convinced that I simply had a "bad" dog and the only option was euthanasia as recommended after a year of unsuccessful training. Despite her unacceptable behaviors - jumping up, knocking us down, growling, showing teeth, barking at anything that moved, snapping when corrected, my 3 children loved her. The very first session with Chris was nothing short of a miracle. He explained everything our dog was doing and why, as well as what we were doing that made the behaviors worse. He worked with the entire family, making sure each member (ages 8 - 55 years) was able to control Ripley. No more prong collar, no more e-collar. Chris is a brilliant trainer - calm, patient, in sync with dogs. He saved my dog`s life.
Julia Rutherford, Andover MA
2016-12-01 19:38:45
Chris Park was amazing with my two bulldogs Within a few sessions, they were trained not to "bolt" out the front door and to stay, stay, lie down and come. Chris was very patient studying to dogs to get to know their personalities and reactions, and in working with me and my family to show us how to communicate with the dogs so that we could continue making progress on our own. I highly recommend!
Aspa Bosga
2017-01-14 18:26:07
Uno de los mejores entrenadores de perros en el mundo! Me ayudo muchisimo con mi primer perro hace casi cinco años. Despues tuve tres mas y el siempre ha estado a mi lado entrenandolos,ayudandome en cualquier problema que he tenido. Ahora puedo decir con seguridad que puedo salir con mis cuatro perros a tomar cafe sin que molesten a nadie. Le echamos mucho de menos, es el unico entrenador que he conocido que quiere tanto a los perros. Todavia algunas veces le pido consejos y siempre esta aqui para que me ayude. Te queremos mucho! Aspa-Thalia-Chema-Alma-Ermis.
Karen Carito,N.Andover Ma
2016-11-12 20:11:24
I have been working with Chris for about 3 weeks now. I have a 1 year old lab, and was using a pinch collar so that she would not drag me everywhere. Chris worked with us without the a flat buckle collar. I learned to "speak" to my dog. She now waits for me to tell her what to do next, she is more responsive to my commands and I am more comfortable bringing her in public places. I am so grateful!
Stephanie Maloof Boston, Ma
2016-11-01 14:13:21
Chris, we would like to take this time to thank you for training Judy. It was such a pleasure to meet you and to share all of your expertise, knowledge and most of all your kindness. We highly recommend you!
Stephanie Moreira,Medford Ma
2016-10-30 22:54:34
Thank you, Chris for all your hard work ,without you our German shepherd would have left our home. Special thanks from our children.
Nicolas Boudreau,Lynnfield Ma
2016-10-29 18:36:13
Great trainer, great professional! Very friendly, came to see us and answered all questions we had. Loved the results of his work with Winston, our 14 month old lab. Would definitely recommend him!
Christine R. Smith Andover,Ma
2016-10-09 14:37:54
I recently bought a dog and was looking for a good dog trainer. Chris was referred to me by a friend in Boston.And I set up an appointment to meet him. From the first moment his communication skills with my dog was beyond my expectations. He is an expert and helped me understand how I should communicate with my puppy. I highly recommend his work!!!!
Veronica Hadley West Peabody,Ma
2016-10-19 00:48:11
I recently adopted a 2 year old mixed lab from a shelter who had behavioral issues. I stopped by Dawg City and they recommended Chris. He came and met my baby and assured me that there was hope and not to worry. He was a different dog in no time! I highly recommend him to anyone, he is an amazing dog trainer!!!
Hara Rabaouni
2016-10-20 13:16:34
Chris Park is a great Dog Trainer and person. I was right to choose him as a trainer for my little Orfeas. His advice and training made him an obedient dog, easy to share your apartment with. He is a quiet and loving dog. Thank you Chris Park not because you trained my dog but because you trained me how to behave and act with a dog making our life easier. Owner of Independance Studio,Greece
George T. Gatos D.V.M Msc
2016-10-13 02:35:08
As a veterinarian,I have met many dog trainers.I believe Chris is the best trainer,a dog and a dog`s owner can get.His best skill is to secure the bond between the dog and the owner.Not only recommend him based on my professional status but as well as his client since he has trained me to train my Great Dane for life.Gandalf the great salutes you.
Mary K. Per
2016-10-04 11:23:54
Our experience with Chris was more than satisfactory. He met all of our expectations, as far as our dogs’ training was concerned. He aided us in having a wonderful relationship with them and decoding canine behaviors. Never was there any issue raised that he couldn’t deal with by exhibiting outstanding professionalism and pure love and dedication. We highly recommend him and wish him all the best in fulfilling his future aspirations !!
Tomis - Rania , Groomers
2016-10-07 17:39:35
It was a great honor to meet you ,first and foremost as a man, a good father and excellent dog trainer !!! You taught us to respect our dogs , how to be patient with dogs to our grooming saloon and how to handle our dogs at home with our newborn baby boy!!!!!!thank you for everything you did for us and our little friends !!!!! have a great time!!!!!! we miss you!!!!!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊with love Tomis- Rania- Baby Boy-Tzeni-Odie😍😍😍😍
Stavros Ploumistos - TV and radio Producer
2016-09-29 12:20:58
In my Career I was very lucky because I met many wonderful people, special characters and Great professionals. Chris you are one of them. An authenticity in dog training, with a unique way of handling a dog. With your work on Gus you reminded me that a dog like him deserves not only my outmost respect and admiration, but also my Love. My Dear Friend I thank you for everything.
Angie Scolia - Dog Shelter Manager
2016-09-29 12:20:22
I believe I met you soon after you started your own Dog training business, and as many years I have known you were there for every dog that needed your help. Always willing to talk and explain with patience. I thank you for your immense help with my dogs from the shelters. All the dogs that I have tried to save, very often without any monetary rewards. Your efforts with my dogs have proven not only to me but many others, that you are not simply a great professional, but also a great Human being. I wish you a great future my Friend Chris.
Mr. Dino Agustera
2016-09-15 15:35:11
Nothing but great experiences with Chris Park Dog Training. Chris is pleasant to work with, plus he gave us great insight into our GSD dog behavior. I am so thankful we found him few years ago. It made all the difference in the world. We get compliments on Maverick behavior all the time and Chris is really the person to thank! In closing, I`ve had a very successful experience with Chris, have a happier, trusting dog, and I am a much more confident dog owner. I recommend Chris Park highly.
2016-10-12 16:30:49
Chris,not only has great love and passion for dogs but also a unique transmissibility. His way of training educates the owners(including myself) on how the dog receives commands and loves to execute them.The bond between owner and dog is something that Chris has achieved with his unique abilities.He is always there to continue sharing his knowledge for any upcoming questions.Great support threw out the years.Thank you for all that you taught me.
Monika Vitou
2016-09-29 12:21:14
It was the need for a Dog Trainer that brought us to your door at first, but from the first moment we met you we came across an honest man who stood by us with patience not only during the training, but also any other time and for any other issue we needed you. I thank you Chris very much and wish you the best for you and your family.
Vasilis Sentzos
2016-10-07 19:39:09
The best trainer I ever met! He loves the dogs.Thank you for all and wish all the best to your new career in Boston,Μαss