The importance of training your dog

Nowadays, having a pet like a dog it is a very common phenomenon that we meet  in many families.

A dog’s company is probably the best company somebody can have, provided that the dog is actually ready to live in harmony with the whole family. Otherwise, it’s difficult to get on well living together.

But how can we possibly deal with that, without having any difficulties?

First of all, a puppy gets stimulus from the environment it grows and it’s behavior gets affected from the mother, in other words the first role model of its. 

This means that the dog has to shed some habits that are normally developed by living in its natural surrounding and which in no occasion do not suit with the human one.

We must teach the puppy to respond to a number of orders that are definitely unknown to it because in any other occasion we will have problem to settle with during our cohabitation. For example, if your dog is used to jump on you because it’s food time, you must train it to calm down and wait for you to serve his food without making any trouble.

Except the everyday convenient living at home you must have with your dog, the training is important, in order to avoid difficulties with the dog’s attitude when it comes to meet other dogs. The dog’s socialization is a very important issue which makes your life and your dog’s life easier. Additionally, it makes your dog more congenial to other dogs providing them an ideal company.

Finally, another important fact that you have to consider in order to train your dog, is its safety. An order such as “stay” when you cross a road with your dog could be salutary for it as this specific order could save its life by keeping it away from a passing car.

In conclusion, to achieve training your dog, you must, first of all, earn its respect and make it known that you are the one that it has to obey in order to make everybody’s life at home easier.

Remember that you gain your dog’s respect not by the method of violence in any case, but by using your voice’s intensity and your body’s language which has to be, at least, strict.