They say that dogs are man`s best friend and they are absolutely right!

Loyal, great company and playful domestic dogs have plenty of assets however it’s also a lot of responsibility as they need owner’s attention and spending together quality time.

Walking your pet is so much more than just a way of physical exercising man`s best friend. It provides mental stimulation, make your dog feel happier while improving pet’s behavior.

In addition to this regular walks enhance dog`s social skills



1.  Provide relief and helps proper pooping.

First of all daily dog walks are necessary for proper pooping.  Bathroom breaks are important  for obvious physical reasons.  The frequency of breaks depends on breed, age, energy level, needs, routine, or backyard access.  Typically a full grown dog can go 4 to 6 hours without a break whereas a puppy needs to go out once an hour on average.

2.  Keep you healthy (BOTH OF YOU) 

 Dog walking promotes health, weight control, and digestive systems. Pets need regular and consistent exercise to live long, healthy, and happy lives. Moving helps the body’s digestion and occasional constipation and helps your pet stay limber, agile, and fit.

3. Get you satisfied & gives you a chance to explore

One of the walking benefits is the fact that dogs feel a sense of fullfilmement. Daily walks help your dog feel calm and happy. Walking together also help you build your relationship.

4. Improve social skills

 Dogs that are exposed to different dogs are tend to have less fears and anxiety.

Walking your dog can build trust and promote socialization.  If your pets are timid or fearful this will help them feel more comfortable around strangers, other animals, and new sounds.

5. Build confidence and trust

Dogs build confidence when they are able to see, smell and explore many different things and can learn about difference areas of the word.

 6. Walking reduces catastrophic behavior

If pets are bored they turn to undesirable and destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging, scratching, biting and barking. Take this as a hint for more exercise and outdoor activity if they’ve already eaten, had water, are not ill, or have relieved themselves. A walk around the block covers their need to see, smell, feel, and hear and keep them away from negative situations.

7.Chance to burn some energy.(Daily walks also help with hyperactivity.)

Some dogs have an inner tendency to be hyperactive. Frequent walks can help our four-legged furry friend to be more relaxed at bedtime and less restless in the home.