Dogs need a routine! As a matter of fact dogs love repeated actions during the day. Building a routine for your pet is beneficial for both you and your pet. Dogs like the established routine. Dog’s rote must be kept from the moment our new member is coming home. We must realize that from then on we have some obligations towards it.

It is well said that dog’s good behavior and positive attitude towards their owner depends at a great extend to the ordinary program the owner is keeping. If we manage to establish a routine and be handled with consistency the results will be at least impressive.

Our Fido’s everyday life should be treated equally as the life of a young child in the sense that he always has to give him food, walks and of course company.

The dog can very easily feel neglected and depending on the breed can often can show bad behavior if they feel depressed.

Dogs are living beings and not teddy bears so they have needs on a daily basis that should be fulfilled. Walks for elimination as well as release energy,meals and water, scheduled vaccines, beauty care and company are among their vital needs.

Bathroom break! “I want to have a pee”
You will not hear them asking you verbally but dogs like to go for house breaking as soon as they wake up and afterwards we can feed them. Take the dog out for a walk and give him the opportunity for elimination. There are some dogs that prefer to go for house breaking between ten to thirty minutes after they have eaten. Adult dogs are better holding it but puppies can really make a great effort.

“Meal time”
It`s a good idea to give your dog or puppy his meals at the same time every day. Actually puppies usually consume several small meals during the day, while adult dogs get usually two larger meals. Of course you have to talk to your veterinarian and decide which is the ideal portion of food for your dog. You will wonder which is the benefit of feeding your dog at the same time every day… Right? The answer is simple! It makes it easier for you to guess when he wants to go for his "business"

Playtime “All I want is play with you”
Spend some time bonding with your buddy. It will be so useful to get informed about ways of train your dog effectively. Try to keep a ten minute walk including training every day. Practice and repeat on a daily basis commands and orders that will help you both communicate easier and that will make your life together more pleasant.

“It’s high time we took a nap”
Does your buddy whine all night long? Before you get rushed and call him spoiled try to examine every little detail that make him behave like this. Give your dog a good sleep environment and try to understand which are these conditions at home that make him feel calm, relaxed and satisfied.