Its Christmas, but for dogs its another simple day! Do not forget them...

And so this is Christmas for you, for everyone...but for your dogs? Another simple day that you  have to take care of them.

Christmas is for you a chance to get away from the routine and your daily habits! A chance to go out and spend some wonderful time around the fireplace! However, your buddy may see it from another perspective...don`t you think?

He is definitely "dreaming" a white Christmas, as the song says, and find it as a great opportunity to play with you in the snow...Fantastic ha? Do them the favour and spend some of your relax time with your best friend. They are members of your family these days as every single day.

Its true that dogs love to play with Christmas lights but you know its dangerous have to keep him busy with various ways…

But most of all don`t forget to stick to the program! Try to keep your dog`s normal rote -feeding, walking, and playtime schedule should not change.

You will have a merry little Christmas if you have your dog together as much as you can during your activities...a Christmas time you will never forget!

Merry Christmas to our little fluffy friends !!!