Dogs are not Christmas gifts

Even though is so cute to give as a gift a pet. The most of the times this move may be risky for the puppy or the kitten. You may wonder why, but the explanation is too simple.

Many people do not have the time, energy or money to care for a dog over a long term. A new pet-owner may enjoy the animal for a while, but then as the "breathing-gift" becomes older, cheerful and more demanding things become tougher.

As the pet gets older it demands more time, attention, training and expenses.

If you start thinking having a dog or cat, you should make a research, then the right preparation and then, when the conditions are ideal, search for a pet who realistically match your way of living, program and preferences.

Also, keep in mind that pets require adult caretakers. Even if your children want desperately a dog and giving thousands promises of taking care it during the years, don`t let affecting you. Children have the tendency to be enthusiastic...but as time passes upbringing become even more difficult as the needs are increased.

It is heartbreaking how many poor animals that are given as gifts are left abandoned every year!

The decision to bring a dog into your family should be a family decision, not a surprise gift. The adult must be willing to accept this responsibility and be willing to care for this pet for the next fifteen or so, which well be long after the children lose interest or leave the nest.

Instead of buying that cute little puppy or kitten as a gift, give books on pet selection, training, care, health and diet, and individual breeds.

It will be much more practical giving, to a future owner of a dog guidelines about how to select, what to think and generally how to behave to the dog rather than being a surprise gift which, at most times, becomes a useless "thing" in our home! So, take care and be at least responsible in these situations...