Should dogs sleep with you?

Bed stories - The power of habit!

It`s good to know that once your dog sleeps with you, you will need a great effort to change this habit. Think about it once he sleep on your fluffy and comfortable bed and most importantly with you by his side there is no turning back! His return back to his crate will be a nightmare for both of you. And let`s be honest...who can hear him whining and crying?

Sleep like a log? Not my dog!

Who says that all dogs experience a long and deep night sleep...

There are some canine that have something like RLS..what`s this? RLS is Restless legs syndrome, a disorder that causes a strong urge to move one`s legs. It sounds funny but it`s not happening to humans but to dogs too. Many dogs also they feel unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety. Really are you sure that your sleep will be tight..after all these?


You may have heard from many people that dogs don`t allow easily other individuals to the owner`s bed...The bed can become the dog’s territory and may not let others approach. This happens because he feel that you need protection...but you really need?

The purpose of our article has no intention of making feel scared or sad but to inform you about the results of letting a free entrance to your friend. Try to teach him to be invaded on your bed or on your couch. Take everything into account and then take the right decision for you.